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TVR books, magazines and manuals for sale

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Bremi Ignition Parts 64-page catalogue

$10 $8 posted anywhere in Australia - Overseas, please check.
Catalogue of BREMI parts for ignition and electrical components with a price list (1964) and interchange listing
Photos: 11
Location: Emu Heights NSW
Last updated: Wed, 22nd Nov 2023
For Sale

Motor Industry of Britain 1896-1996 Centenerary Book

$15 Pick up pay cash or post for $12 pay direct deposit or paypal
All makes, great colour photos of old ads, etc, a lot of information, A4 size, 249 pages 2 copies available
Photos: 1
Location: Sefton NSW
Last updated: Wed, 22nd Nov 2023
For Sale

The TVRs: The Collector's Guide

$20 Ordinary postage at $10.60
Comprehensive information on the development and history of these fine British cars. The book includes expert tips on buying and restoring the various models, plus detailed model-by-model...
Photos: 9
Location: Albany WA
Last updated: Thu, 9th Nov 2023
For Sale

2 x TVR books 1960s-80s

$50 $10 post Aust wide
Both in good condition. No inscriptions tears or stains.
Photos: 2
Location: Ballarat VIC
Last updated: Mon, 19th Jun 2023
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