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For Sale

Original and rare TC & TD LUCAS PLC 6 Ignition Switches and WBU keys

$325 or $250 exchange Postage available on request.
For Sale: Original and rare TC & TD LUCAS PLC 6 Ignition Switches and WBU keys
For Sale: Original and rare TC & TD LUCAS PLC 6 Ignition Switches and WBU keys For Sale: Original and rare TC & TD LUCAS PLC 6 Ignition Switches and WBU keys For Sale: Original and rare TC & TD LUCAS PLC 6 Ignition Switches and WBU keys
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Extremely rare, original, restored & tested MRN and FA LUCAS PLC 6 ignition switches for sale.

The MRN series were used on the TC and the early TD. The FA series is correct for the later TD. They are also original to other marques including the Series 1 Land Rover, Singer, Vanguard, HRG and a number of others.

The switches have been disassembled and cleaned with worn, rusted and damaged parts replaced with NOS internal components taken from a batch of NOS military switches purchased as a job lot at considerable expense. These switches had an On/Off knob, not a lock and key. They were still wrapped in the original waxed brown paper and in their stapled and unopened boxes.

They also included the very rare and fragile lock body cover. The tabs on these are almost always broken on original switches rendering the switch useless. The bezels from the originally black painted military switches have been stripped, the indented lettering filled with silver solder and then chromed plated. The bezel was then fitted with a decal with the correct font using a durable UV stable and wear resistant film and an original NOS lever from the military switch fitted. Both the lock body and the hard to find Wilmot Breeden Union key are original. An original NOS wire clamp is also included.

Please note these are NOT the cheap and unreliable after market replacements currently available from India and South East Asia and all have the original 1940//1950's MRN or FA lock, nor are they the incorrect later LUCAS switch with the window, and so are ideal for the most fastidious restorer, seeking an original and concours standard car.

The switches are available on an exchange basis, PROVIDING the body is intact, or they may be purchased outright. I still have four of the very rare MRN and eleven of the FA. Once these are sold I will no longer be involved in the restoration of these switches as I've exhausted the supply of NOS parts.

Ad last updated: Thursday, 13th January 2022

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LocationSydney NSW
Last online12th Jan 2022
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