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New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2"

$995.50 $35 Australia Post Parcel Post excludes remote.
For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2"
For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2" For Sale: New Coilover kit for MGF - "True Coilover Mk2"
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Made in Australia. Coming soon an alternative for the 1995-2002 MG MGF, to Hydrogas and Suplex coil in a can, and the higher priced options. Our system is simple and robust, "True Coilover Mk2" with adjustment to get that 368mm wheel gap or lower. Set at your own height. $995.50 incl GST, Post $35 Australia Post Parcel Post excluding remote. We can offer remote pricing, just ask. Coming soon. Click on my name to see my other ads.

11/27/2021 - "Limited stock available currently, will have more as production numbers increase to match demand. Kit includes x4 Gas Coilovers & Anti Roll Bar (ARB) Offset mounting and Hub brackets, Modified drop links, with all the Stainless Steel 304 bolts, Nyloc nuts & washers required for fitting. 242 Loctite Threadlocker, Pferd 4" cutting disc and 2 x double ended "C' spanners, 1/2" drive 6mm hex are also supplied. The cutting disc is to cut a 10 cm x 12 cm square from the skirt between the rear wheels and the old Hydrogas system, (see pics 12 & 13). No modifications are required for the front pair, and plastic inner guards are retained. True Coilover Mk2 mounts directly to the subframe NOT the flimsey MGF standard shock absorber mounting, so if your mounting is damaged we can help.

The x4 MGF Upper Control Arms and 13mm spacers are required from your old system and are not supplied in this kit. Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Upper Control Arms and 13mm spacers are used when converting to Suplex coil in can so you should have them on the vehicle. Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

08/01/2022 Well we have 6 sets produced now and quite a few trial miles, on both ex Hydrogas and ex Coil in the can cars, they have been a significant improvement over the old systems with comments like, "perfect fit", "suspension at last", "no more bracing yourself on potholes and speed humps", "no scraping of the muffler on the driveway", " no more listing to one side, unexpectedly". With gas coilovers suspension is not lost to "frothing" as with hydraulic only units. All in all a good result with DIY fitting times around 6 hours with no hoist or power tools, and height adjustment in about 10 minutes per wheel. All for $995.50, why not upgrade and gain the advantages. Patent Pending. Hydrogas is truly an obsolete system now with all the "in use" Nitrogen Spheres and all the "Old Stock Spheres" and supposedly repairable ones damaged irreversibly by time with the apparent perishing of the rubber ball the Nitrogen is held within, being absolute. Time to choose another method, don't throw good money after bad, get modern gas Coilover suspension and enjoy the improvements, DIY for $995.50. Do yourself a favor and stop flogging a dead horse. "True Coilover Mk2 Series 1000" the best solution to your MGF suspension woes. If our not having camber adjustment is holding you back "MGF Adjustable Rear Tie Bar" camber adjusters are available separately, from other suppliers offering an easy wind in wind out method for a reasonable price and could compliment the True Coilover Mk2 Series 1000. Also listed on Gumtree.


The process from our end is pretty straight forward, once you have the Hydrogas and it's shockie cleared away you're left with the void in the sub-frame and the MGF Upper Control Arm. The unit lifts up into the space above the void with the coilover loosely attached as it comes. While lifting it up into position you use one of the lower bolts to secure a bottom hole to the captive nut of the Hydrogas void, then the second bottom nut. The unit is then sitting loosely in position with the coil attached at the top.

NOTE. Do not torque coils in place with wheel hanging down, it must be at rest at ride height to tighten.

Then pass the top two bolts through from the back side of the securing plate and fit the washers and Nyloc nuts finger tight. You now have all four securing bolts inserted and finger tight. The coil hangs down from the turret and is secured to the MGF Upper Control Arm with the bolt supplied and the addition of the 13mm spacer from the Hydrogas shockie mounting hardware. The spacer and the Upper Control Arm are the only things you use from the old system.

The rear skirt requires a 10cm x 12cm hole to be cut for the coilovers to fit within (see pics).

The existing Anti Roll Bar (ARB) ARB/Hub bracket and drop links (drop links are exchange items please return to Woodenbong) need to be removed and replaced with the ones supplied, the RH ones go on the driver’s side on the outside of the ARB, fit the flat head hex screws with the ½" drive and Loctite provided torque to 35Nm with Loctite. Undo the existing ARB clamps and slide the bushes outward, remove the heat shield rear M6 bolt. Offer the RH ARB Offset bracket up to the ARB clamp studs with the sticker facing downward and forward. Fit the Nyloc M8 nuts and washers to the studs loosely, the 2 new ARB clamp bolts should be hanging with the thread facing down, remove the nuts and washers, slide the bush across to the centre of the hanging bolts and attach the clamp loosely, same both sides. Fit the M6 heat shield bolt and spacer beneath loosely adding washers as required. Attach the top end of the drop link to the ARB. The ARB should now be in its new position ready to torque up.

Special note on drop links, these have been modified and MUST use M10 X 30mm x 1.5mm diameter washers on the bolt head ends AND M10 x 21mm x 1.2mm washers on the other threaded end, this allows the link end float. We suggest both bolts use Loctite.

Once all bolts are torqued to specifications the wheels should be put on and the car driven forward and backward to settle.

Standard wheel center to wheel arch height is 368mm, but you can set it at your own level. After initial fitting adjustment will be required. The vehicle will almost certainly be sitting low. Approximately adjustment for Coilover is 5 turns = 10mm, Anticlockwise is down and Clockwise is up.


Torque settings “True Coilover Mk2” Series 1000

Coilover Eye Bolts Nyloc M10 - 60Nm x 2

Turret Plate Top Bolts Nyloc M8 - 30 Nm x 2

Turret Plate Bottom Bolts Captive M8 - 25 Nm x 2

ARB Offset Plate Nyloc M8 - 30 Nm x 2

ARB Offset Plate Clamp Flange Nut M8 - 20 Nm x 2

ARB Hub Bracket Countersunk Bolts M10 – 35Nm x 2

ARB drop link bolts M10 - 25Nm x 2

All fasteners, washers and Nyloc nuts are 304 Stainless Steel.

Loctite can be used on Nyloc nuts, but must be used if not Nyloc.

Ad last updated: Tuesday, 25th January 2022

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