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1972 MG MGB GT

$36,500 Purchaser to collect
Very good car, further developed by enthusiast. The starting point was a car with comprehensively refurbished body, with all rust removed and very good dark...
Engine: 4 cylinder, 1.8 litre
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Travelled: 81,207 km / 50,459 miles
Photos: 6
Location: Canberra ACT
Last updated: Thu, 30th Jun 2022
For Sale

1949 MG Y-type

$21,500 ONO
Lovely old girl has been in our family since the 1970's, was purchased restored at that time. Since then it has been on blocks except for...
Engine: 4 cylinder, 1.3 litre
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Travelled: 104,607 km / 64,999 miles
Photos: 7
Location: Hahndorf SA
Last updated: Mon, 27th Jun 2022
For Sale

1954 MG TF Midget

This beautifully restored MG presents extremely well and would suit the most ardent enthusiast who wishes to enjoy...
Engine: 4 cylinder, 1.3 litre
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Travelled: 127,137 km / 79,000 miles
Photos: 16
Location:  Riverside Launceston TAS
Last updated: Mon, 20th Jun 2022
For Sale

1970 MG MGB GT

1970 MGB GT manual in very good condition. Older restoration and engine recondition, new radiator etc. All original except colour, now red. Chrome spoke wheels with...
Engine: 4 cylinder, 1.8 litre
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Travelled: 1 km / 0 miles
Photos: 13
Location: West Lakes SA
Last updated: Wed, 8th Jun 2022
For Sale

1957 MG Magnette ZB

Asking $5700 - Negotiable Local Pick up
I have a project car for sale. It is 98% complete from what I can tell. One part I do know is missing is the grill. There...
Engine: 4 cylinder, 1.5 litre
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Photos: 4
Location: Perth Western Australia WA
Last updated: Fri, 18th Feb 2022
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For Sale

1971 MG MGB Mk II

$23,000 Pick up only
For sale is a 1971 MG B Mk2 automatic in Iris Blue (or Cambridge Blue in the UK). The body and engine are all original. Comes...
Engine: 4 cylinder, 1.8 litre
Transmission: 3 speed automatic
Travelled: 124,693 km / 77,481 miles
Photos: 4
Location: Kensington VIC
Last updated: Wed, 16th Feb 2022
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