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Jaguar parts and accessories for sale

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MG TA TB TC TD TF Riley Triumph Prewar/ immediate Postwar tool roll with British original tools

MG  TC early type reproduction canvas tool roll with original British tools including Whitworth flat spanners,original 9 inch  Dunlop tyre irons,, Whitworth box spanners with tommy...
Photos: 9
Location: Melbourne VIC
Last updated: Thu, 30th Nov 2023
For Sale

Pair of MG TC Jaguar Prewar Goodyear Super Cushion G8 16 inch tubed tyres 600/16 bias ply x 2

$90 for both tyres
2 x Goodyear  Bias Ply tyre  600/16, I removed these from my MG TC as they do not match other make tyres  in size,  Tyres seem...
Photos: 6
Location: Melbourne VIC
Last updated: Sun, 19th Nov 2023
For Sale

Lucas F462 Foglamp Bowls

$20 pair plus $18.25 postage
This is a pair of Lucas Foglamp Bowls, which I believe were fitted to the Jaguar Mark 1 and other Jag models of the 1950's. It...
Photos: 1
Location: Geelong VIC
Last updated: Tue, 31st Oct 2023
For Sale

Rare Wilmot Breeden Union key

$25 Free postage within Australia
Vintage Wilmot Breeden ignition/door lock key. coded FNR12
Photos: 2
Location: Perth WA
Last updated: Wed, 5th Jul 2023
For Sale

Original WBU keys

$20 each Free postage within Australia
For sale new genuine Wilmot Breeden Union ignition and door keys. mainly FS series, some FA series, and one FP series. Some are Dalson keys, a few...
Photos: 1
Location: Perth WA
Last updated: Sat, 10th Jun 2023
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