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Austin-Healey books, magazines and manuals for sale

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Book - Collector Cars of Australia

$20 Pick up pay cash or post for $14 pay direct deposit or paypal
Very good hardcover, laminated cover 4 sections - veteran, brass & Edwardian to 1918, Vintage 1919-1930, Classic 1931-1945, Post Classic 1946-1960s 320 pages quarto size,...
Photos: 1
Location: Sefton NSW
Last updated: Tue, 22nd Sep 2020
For Sale

Rootes, BMC, BLMC & Ford Competitions Department

$65 Postage charges are included in the price.
I need more shelf space and am having a cull of books and models to create that space. In this advert I am offering three books...
Photos: 4
Location: Gungahlin ACT
Last updated: Sat, 19th Sep 2020
For Sale

100s of Classic & Sportscar / Thorougbred & Classic Magazines

$1 or $50 for the lot post singly for $5 up to 10 for $14 up to 15 for $19 or pick up pay cash
100s of Classic & Sportscar / Thorougbred & Classic Magazines good condition 1970s 1980s 1990s $1 each after a particular issue? I might have it. $50 FOR THE...
Photos: 1
Location: Sefton NSW
Last updated: Wed, 16th Sep 2020
For Sale

Thoroughbred & Classic Car magazines

Thoroughbred & Classic Car magazines from first issue in October 1973 (originally Classic Car magazine) to September 1982. Over 100 magazines in excellent condition with covers....
Photos: 1
Location: Gold Coast QLD
Last updated: Fri, 4th Sep 2020
For Sale

Austin-Healey 100 In Detail; BN1, BN2, 100M & 100S

$65 Free delivery within Australia
Authored by Bill Piggott, this volume has almost 200 pages of detailed text and many, many photos, both contemporary and in period, of the subject cars. A...
Photos: 2
Location: Blackwood SA
Last updated: Mon, 10th Aug 2020
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For Sale

Austin Healey Buyer's Guide

$20 Pick up pay cash or post for $5 pay direct deposit
MBI USA buyer's guide for Healeys Sprites & big ones, to 1984 160 pages a lot of information , b/w photos, good condition.
Photos: 1
Location: Sefton NSW
Last updated: Fri, 8th May 2020
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